Fred LIP beliefs are still true nowadays:

«Designing a watch with specific movement, spending years to develop it, holding yourself back from launching it on the market until it is exactly what we expected it has to be, it is fascinating.» This is precisely the feeling that led LIP company all along the development of the legendary Nautic-Ski.


Publicité Nautic-Ski-1968“LIP is always in advance of a watch.

Who dreamt one day, even at 200 meters underwater, we could read the hour on his watch and check we were at the day of today? Fred LIP. Who dared to add a second crown on the same watch? Undoubtedly Fred LIP! This is how Nautic-Ski Electronic is born, the last boldness of one hundred years of avant-gardism in LIP. … And like all LIP Electronic, the Nautic-Ski never stops, winds not up. Go straight to your clockmaker jeweller, among the 271 range models from 89F to 2950F.”

This advertising slogan from 1966, presenting in preview the future Nautic-Ski, already announced the birth of a legend.



The Nautic-Ski embodies LIP values and philosophy: vintage, nostalgia and expertise. The emblematic Nautic-Ski has been the first water-resistant to 200 meters French watch. Revealed for the LIP centenary, in 1967, Nautic-Ski has truly been launched in France for Grenoble Olympic Games, in 1968. Thanks to its water-resistant to 200 meters and thanks to its internal rotating bezel placed under the glass to avoid any shifting which could be responsible of an underwater accident, the Nautic-Ski has
been avant-gardist.



Through this creation, Fred LIP gathered two essential dimensions of his existence, the watchmaking passion and his daughter’s love. Unconditional watchmaking passionate, Fred LIP always wants to be one step ahead. From 1957, Fred LIP begin to manufacture water-resistant watches called Nautic foreshadowing the 1967 Nautic-
Ski whose water-resistant to 200 meters is complete.

The Nautic-Ski name also finds its origin in Muriel, Fred LIP’s daughter. To pay tribute to his daughter passion who has been team member of French feminine ski team, from 1950 to 1956, Fred LIP decides to associate “ski” to Nautic; as Muriel is an excellent skier. The name « Nautic-Ski » is meaningful. The watch is then both comfortable in underwater world and in mountain world.



Nautic-Ski-Noire« This is the best sport watch in the world », said a LIP advertisement. « From sport, it has the stature, the precision, the resistance, water-resistant, it dives at 200 meters

… and it identifies and times the time on its rotating bezel. » The 2014 Nautic-Ski reedition respects authenticity and vintage lines of the genuine original model. It preciously keeps all the fundamental design features of the genuine Nautic-Ski model, and especially its internal rotating bezel and its two crowns. The Nautic-Ski is a timeless and legendary timepiece. The watch is equipped with a reliable and precise automatic movement. Its strong and robust 38 mm stainless steel case brings a touch of vintage. The case is also equipped with a screw in back which guarantees a reliable water-resistance. Case’s indexes and hands’ shape emphasize the watch retro look. The contrast between the black case and its luminescent hourly signs allow an easy reading. The glass softly curved also improves the comfortable reading.

The two Nautic-Ski crowns make itself a resistant scope. Its two strong knurled crowns allow an easy use to settle, for instance, dive time. When activating the crown at 2, the internal rotating bezel indexes begin to move, and, by this action, you are about to live an amazing dive adventure. Thanks to its internal rotating bezel, the Nautic-Ski embodies both sea and air world. Whether it is in dive conditions or in daily life tumult, the Nautic-Ski copes every situation. Timeless, retro and elegant with its leather strap, sporty with its Tropic or nato strap; the strap choice matters. The Nautic-Ski is sold with the Tropic strap made with holes which restricts sweat.

Tropic strap features are water-resistance, longevity and solidity. Classic, sporty, vintage … underwater depths explorers, as well as people settled on dry land, will appreciate this legendary model.




Like the ones who wore it, the Nautic-Ski made mark on history. Undewater and air performances of this mythic watch appealed to the legendary navigator Eric TABARLY who contributed to the success of the emblematic watch. Robust, reliable and resistance, the Nautic-Ski escorted the famous navigator, Eric TABARLY in his adventures. Thanks to its history, its background and its heritage, the Nautic-Ski is definitely an exceptional timepiece. Words of LIP creator travel trough time: “Nothing does well without passion”, Fred LIP

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