Hicham-LahlouA meeting is never an absolute coincindence, and the meeting bewteen LIP and Hicham Lahlou send us back to history… In the 20’s when the Morrocan SUltan, Moulay Youssef Ben Hassan grand grand father of its majesty Mohammed VI, was invited by Albert Lebrun, the french president to visit the LIP factory, LIP had already built up some serious connections with Morocco.
Icham Lalhou whom is passionate about history and Lip’s history in particular admires the brand. That is to say that his values coincide with the ones expressed by LIP: Make designed products more affordable, emphasize on knowledge, be original in spite of the common way of thinking.

Hicham Lahlou represents the design made in Morocco and is also now developping actively Lip in Morocco as exclusive distributor through his company 1852 &Co. &co. The existing collections of LIP watches are already sold through his online shop www.watchme.ma, the first of its kind in croc-ichamBut are also sold in some of the most prestigious places in Morocco.

His first creations, revealed at the Casablanca Villa des Arts in october 2009 are the witnesses of his open-minded look uppon the world. His watches travel through time, crossing the distances linking two seabanks, two countries, two cultures, two continents…sultana-homme