(Paris, 27 décembre 1931 – Marseille, 5 may 1981)

is graduated from the « Ecole des Métiers d’Arts » and from the « Ecole des Beaux-Arts » in Paris.  He is a famous colourist and the first « modern » free lance designer for Lip. He made illustrations for some of the most important fashion magazines and comics and worked for Printemps and Witzig.


Early in the 1968, Baschmakoff contacts Fred Lip and offers him to collaborate to the creation of new models. In October 1968, he designs for Lip a French mechanical watch with digital indication, for which he files an application for a patent, granted in 1970.

He creates a globe shaped plastic watch box for this watch and won a prize in a packaging contest in 1970. Despite Fred Lip imposed this collaboration to the management, it was quite a qualified success.

Prince de Baschmakoff Lip designerBaschmakoff designs eight models for Lip. These eccentric watches are distributed from 1971 to 1974 and show an outstanding system: three discs for the hour, the minutes and the seconds.

On one of these watches the world « Waltham » is written – maybe that means Lip released this type of watches in USA under this seal. The Lip logo is displayed on the right side of the glass. A horizontal red line on the left side of the glass indicates the time and makes it easier to see the figures. Five models have a tiny glass on the left side of the case and in the right one, the logo Lip is printed on a small removable plate that a customer can have engraved with his own initials. Of these watches two are displayed in steel version and one is fitted with an automatic movement (42991). The others have mechanical movements.

The watches were not suitable for everyday use since the discs which indicate the time were too heavy for the small pivot which would normally be used for hands only.