Nicolas Libert and Emmanuel Renoird are the owners of a fantastic new concept store in Los Angeles. But as good news never come alone their store PLEASE DO NOT ENTER happens to be as well partner with the Lip watches. We share so many views upon what design should be that some might say that it was meant to be so we felt like it was time to properly introduce that great shop to our readers and explain them why we are so happy to count the concept store PLEASE DO NOT ENTER among the long list of fancy boutiques selling our watches around the world. Moreover PLEASE DO NOT ENTER is an art gallery with a very consistent a rich event calendar that you should know about.


Concept Store Please Do Not EnterA new tasteful place in the City of Angels

L.A is famous for its fashion addicts, its luxury shopping centers and its vintage shops full of treasures. In fact if you’re looking for and delighting shopping experience this is THE place to be. I can only invite you dear reader to wonder in the Grove, lose yourself in the fashion district and have a rest in Santa Monica Place after a long and exhausting but delightful shopping day. But if you’re in the mood for something else you should definitely satisfy your shopping appetite for some “je ne sais quoi” by disobeying the provocative sign of this fabulous new store owned as you should have guessed by now, by two French men.
The expression “concept store” is too often used wrongly not to point out what makes the PLEASE DO NOT ENTER special in a city already crowded with quality products. Well, first of all instead of focusing on mainstream design products our two compatriots have decided to express through their selection, a particular vision of what makes a designer’s work interesting.


A shared vision upon the art of designingPLEASE_DO_NOT_ENTER

It is not a coincidence if PLEASE DO NOT ENTER has decided to partner with Lip when they started this ambitious project. If you know a little bit our brand you might have already noticed that we’ve never considered our watches as “accessories”. There is a logic, a function behind every element that composes our watches, a choice made by its designer or should I say by its architect and that’s exactly what the two French funders had in mind they furnished their store.

In a sentence: PLEASE DO NOT CENTER is a very special gallery full of cherry picked designs with meaning and character.



More than a Concept Store, an Art Gallery

It might surprise you dear reader but PLEASE DO NOT ENTER isn’t a shop, well at list no only. The two funders happen to be as well as respected design aficionados, two very sharp art collectors who make a point into consistently transforming their store into a very dynamic Art/Design Gallery. Design, photography, sculpture, films, fashion.. Whatever you’re into, you’re likely to see it at PLEASE DO NOT ENTER, the new fresh French touch in L.A !

Above are some of the events hosted this year by PLEASE DO NOT ENTER.


We wish long life to PLEASE DO NOT ENTER and invite you to go and pay a visit to Nicolas and Emmanuel on our Behalf. You’ll be well received and probably slightly stunned by the amazing selection of designs, artwork and fashion items you’ll find there.





Suite 1229
T. +1 213 263 0037